Wombot.io and Yelp

Why do businesses want to be on Yelp? Aren’t they worried about getting bad reviews and losing business?

Make customer service your number one priority and you don’t have to worry much about bad reviews anywhere… If you do get bad reviews youRead more


How many reviews do you read before buying a product online?

By this I mean if I am looking for a local place to take my family to eat, I will look at the overall ratingRead more

Reviews are awesome!

How do we get more people to leave reviews on our B2B reviews site?

I want to warn against a recommendation I’ve seen online previously that indicated you need to give away a “big” incentive to get reviews. ThisRead more

Wombot.io Reputation Marketing Stars

With so many customer review sites, which ones do you think are most important to focus on driving reviews?

Any marketing effort seeks to make new potential customers aware of your business in particular, reinforce an existing customers perception of your brand, hopefully invokeRead more

Reputation Marketing How to remove bad reviews

What’s the most effective content marketing strategy for eCommerce business?

I definitely say REVIEWS are absolutely the best content to get seen online and convert visitors into customers and I have real data to backRead more

Where might I suggest my customers go to leave a product review?

The good news for users of wombot.io we take care of that for you automatically. But as a business the reason you want good reviewsRead more

What category of businesses are mostly affected by online reviews?

Reviews for restaurants and cafes are searched in the highest volume by consumers online so in a way this category of business might satisfy asRead more

How can review sites be improved?

Great question, and the first thing that comes to my mind is something I have been thinking about recently. We all know reviews are veryRead more

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