Great question, and the first thing that comes to my mind is something I have been thinking about recently. We all know reviews are very important to “new customers” making a decision to use our business for the first time but after they try the business for the first time because of the reviews do they care about the reviews any more?

What if there was a review site that knew your location (like 99% of all apps today…) and alerted you to new reviews from places you shop, or services that you use. Would being alerted to new reviews from a place you already frequent be beneficial at all?

Review websites really do a great job of verifying people currently and this has kept the public trusting the reviews and continues to build value as a marketing tool for local businesses, and the fact that reviews are “free” makes them that much more trusted and valuable. starts this conversation with your customers and follows up with the automatically and makes sure you look good on all review websites that matter.

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