Perfect way to phrase that question isn’t it.

Reviews and overall brand trust effect purchase decisions and intentions. How great would it be if you had control over your “BRAND TRUST” and your product or service sold itself at the very moment a consumer is looking to buy what you have?

That is the power of reviews, they are only useful to a consumer when they are just about to buy something for the first time from a new company and a good review can mean the difference between buying from you or your competition.

Reviews are only read by people who haven’t purchased from you yet so they influence the most expensive type of customers: NEW CUSTOMERS.

I try to be aware of my own buying habits and recently I was about to make an I.T. purchase, I had done research, actually called and talked to a few companies and after talking to “Company A” I was happy with them and was about to sign up for their service, I asked if I could sign up over the phone and they said I had to go online to sign up… no big deal right? Well in the course of 20 seconds while attempting to sign up online I discovered reviews that let me know they had been purchased by investors and their customer service was now terrible and I decided to go with someone else.

All the good reviews I had read now were wiped out by one honest review from someone who seemed very knowledgeable about dealing with them from the customers perspective, bottom line is that review lost them a sale very quickly.

How have reviews affected your purchases lately?

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