I want to warn against a recommendation I’ve seen online previously that indicated you need to give away a “big” incentive to get reviews. This is flat out untrue, and that is based on real data I have from our users. Your customers do not require a big incentive to leave you a review, you only have to do 2 simple things: ask for a review when your customer is the happiest with their recent purchase from you, and make it easy for them to leave a review, and Wombot.io does both of those things.

Our automated process only requires you enter their info, and Wombot takes care of the rest. Asking at the right time is more important than any incentive. Our users expect to get responses from nearly 40% of all customers entered when they are new customers, and only about a 3% response rate when they mass upload customers from the past. So step 1 is figure out when is the best time to ask for the review, and ask your customer at exactly that time in your sales cycle, and this is a different time for every type of business.

The next big thing is to make it easy on them and your staff to ask for the review. Printed out instructions do not work very well, it takes a lot for a customer to go from a piece of paper to sitting in front of their computer trying to find you on the interwebs to leave a review, so ask for the review through email or text. This is to reduce the number of steps required to leave the review, your email or text should include a link to the exact URL they can type in their comments about their recent experience.

Wombot.io automates those steps and does send a follow up email or text after they rate your business that can be a thank you or a discount / give away and if they had a bad experience only you see the feedback and if it was good then they get directed immediately to the website that needs the good reviews the most, you can have as many review websites as you want integrated into your account.

I know of a local car dealership that was giving a $50 gas card for writing a review when the customer was onsite, they were blocked from Google multiple times for violating Googles terms and conditions since Google tracks the IP address of the person giving thee review… the real trick is to provide exceptional service and make it easy to leave you a review and it will become an easy thing to generate a solid reputation even if you sell B2B.

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