By this I mean if I am looking for a local place to take my family to eat, I will look at the overall rating and if it is low I will go to the next listing but if it is say a 4.0 or higher and I have interest in that type of food they sell I will only have to read 1 or 2 reviews before I have made my decision to navigate there, right now… So in that scenario reviews are more like a friend recommending a place to go locally and I follow the recommendation easily.

All legitimate review sites now require a reviewer to register and hopefully be a real person. The other type of situation unlike finding a place to go eat, when deciding to purchase an item I tend to read many more reviews, at first maybe to see if the online retailer has a good reputation and honors their products in general, then I look to the reviews to answer specific questions that relate to how I envision using the product. For example I recently was looking on GearBest for a smart watch, after a few reviews I now trust this site and consider them “reputable” so I would buy from the retailer, but the items they sell on there are for worldwide consumption so they may or may not work with the technology we have here in America. So with that said I looked through 10’s of reviews of at least 10 smart watches before I was able to make a purchasing decision, but the great thing about that site and how they have their reviews set up is that they have a Q & A, customer reviews, customer videos via YouTube and so on, so they provide a great deal of information about the products they sell and the best part is most of the info is consumer generated, so they do less content creation and customer service, while I as a consumer myself put much more trust in the comments left by past consumers of that item and therefore have a warm and fuzzy feeling of confidence when I put that item into my virtual cart.

So that is my experience in examining how I use online reviews personally, I see so much value in reviews that is why exists today.

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