I definitely say REVIEWS are absolutely the best content to get seen online and convert visitors into customers and I have real data to back it up.

I believe this is true in eCommerce / product sales, local service businesses, and brick & mortar retail locations.

There are many issues I see with writers trying to convey the benefits of a product or service that they might have never really interacted with as a customer through written content to an actual user of that product or service without being a person who would ever actually used it, but there is no reason to get into that here…

Reviews will increase your visibility and will get you more NEW customers which is the hurdle every business seeks to summit at some point in its journey. Initially reviews add current & relevant content to your web presence whether that is a website or a product page, and when new potential customers look for what you sell online and use some of the keywords your happy customers have used to describe your service, then you are found more often and it is as simple as that.

Once you are found, if you have enough good and current reviews as compared to your competition that new customer will choose you over your competition. If you have 243 reviews on Google with a 4.8 rating and your closest competition has 17 reviews (or less is common) with a 4.2 and you are competitive, then why would anyone who has access to this info ever choose your competition?

Bottom line is that reviews are trusted as much as a friend referring you to use a company, and as a long time entrepreneur I know that if someone refers my company, I will close the sale 95% of the time, and I also know that new customers are the most expensive to get.

The real data I referred to is the fact that a user of my software at Wombot is Auto Collection Of Murfreesboro, a used car dealer in the town I live in, and they started using my app about 16 months ago. Initially they had 6 reviews on Google after 3 years in business and ranked 12th on average for their most important keywords. They have only used Wombot for online marketing, they now have 191 Google reviews, good ratings on all the sites that matter, and rank #1 on Google for the most important keywords like “Used Car Murfreesboro” and this has increased their average number of cars sold per month from 40 to 90+ per month currently.

If you read some of their reviews, their customers talk about how it was worth flying in or driving 500 miles to get the car of their dreams at a great value, and their out of state car sales have gone through the roof.

I know this is not ecommerce… but this applies to any business that has a presence online, when Auto Collection started Wombot they didn’t seek out customers from out of state directly but organically by their customers leaving some great reviews they have organically grown their sales and revenue. So instead of guessing at what matters most to your customers why don’t you ask them? Then put it on the websites that matter the most… Wombot does that for you and makes it easy.

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