The only way other than the legal action is to drown out the negative content or ratings & reviews from you Google SERP’s. enables businesses to do just that and generate high volumes of positive online content all created by customers leaving honest reviews and feedback. As an example I had a user that had a 1.0 rating on a website that didn’t get too much traffic but it was at the top of the Google SERP’s, after using Wombot for less than a month the rating was a 4.1 and over the last year we enabled them to go from 6 reviews after 3 years in business on Google to 191 reviews as of now with only 40 – 50 new customers per month. The steady stream of positive reviews have had a major impact on their SERP’s because other sites have moved up based on new review contents and their page 1 on Google looks great.

The company is a car dealership named “Auto Collection Of Murfreesboro” and I encourage you to look them up and if you think Wombot could assist you in improving your online reputation, contact us directly and we can optimize your account.

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