The good news for users of we take care of that for you automatically.

But as a business the reason you want good reviews is so that you can attract new customers, and as a consumer you seek reviews to better inform your purchasing decisions.

Where these 2 lines intersect online is a list of websites that host reviews and in general Google is the most sought after because it has the highest volume of consumer traffic looking for what you sell.

But the absolute best way to find where you want reviews is by searching “{your_business_name} reviews” on Google, within the SERP (search engine results page) you will see all the sites you currently rank on including Google if you have a profile. That is the first step, of course if you have any negative reviews on any of the sites that appear then you need to concentrate on them first.

“{business_name} reviews” is actually the second highest search on Google so consumers are actively looking up what other people say about the places and things they are about to spend their hard earned money on. If there is any industry specific sites that host reviews like and you are a lawyer then you definitely want to get reviews there as well, even if that didn’t show up on the results page initially. was created for businesses who want to grow and it automates the process of getting online reviews and with our integrations your customers could be asked for a review automatically when you invoice them for example without any addition effort from you or your employees . Wombot asks for the review at exactly the right time, internalizes feedback if they had a bad experience, makes the good reviews automatically go to website that would benefit most based on live rating data, it follows up with the customer if they reviewed automatically, and rewards the most loyal customers as well, in addition to tracking the customer satisfaction of individual employees or business locations if you choose.

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