Any marketing effort seeks to make new potential customers aware of your business in particular, reinforce an existing customers perception of your brand, hopefully invoke an emotional response that is then tied to your product or brand, and get them one step closer to buying what you are selling.

Online reviews speak to everyone’s emotion: vulnerability, and can persuade a new potential customer to either trust or not trust a company or product they have never experienced before.

So to the actual question, the most important website for getting reviews in general is on Google, this is because of 2 factors. The more reviews you get the more likely you are to rank higher on the search results when someone looks you up, and if you have a good rating, detailed reviews from happy customers, and more reviews than your competition those new customers that find you are more likely to choose you over the competition. So if you care about converting online traffic into phone calls, visits or orders then reviews on Google matter to almost all businesses that do not have major established brands (reviews still matter to those businesses but in different and less direct ways).

The best way to answer the question is to go to Google and type in {your_business_name} Reviews, and see what sites pop up with reviews currently, this will let you see your business from the consumers perspective. “Business name Reviews” is the second most popular search in Google so reviews are being actively sought by consumers.

A quick example of the effectiveness of reviews is a customer of ours Auto Collection Of Murfreesboro (look them up!) had 6 Google reviews after being in business for 3 years, they sold about 40 – 50 used cars per month and when you looked them up on Google a rating of 1.0 also showed up from a site called Dealer Rater. So after using for the first month we got them 8 additional reviews on Dealer Rater and their rating went up to a 4.7, at the same time we were getting them reviews on 2 other sites including Google. Now after about 1.5 years using they have 191 Google reviews, and great ratings on many other sites online. These reviews have had major impacts on their business, first it took them form ranking #12 on Google to #1 for the most important keywords, many of their reviews are from out of state buyers who write about how great of a deal they got and how it was worth flying in from 500 miles away to buy the car of their dreams at a great price from these guys (again look up Auto Collection Of Murfreesboro) and just because of these types of reviews their business has increased to over 100 cars sold on the best months. They have told me they are selling a lot more cars to customers from out of state and people mention specific reviews when buying sometimes. This is a specific industry and a specific example but it applies to business in general.

People now trust reviews more than they trust advertisements, and if done right reviews are content associated with your brand that is created 100% by your happy customers that drives new customers to you. They are like referrals on a global and more connected scale.

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